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Sujay Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of food processing machinery, material handling equipments, gherkin processing machinery, fruits and vegetable processing machinery, stainless steel and aluminum & design fabrication. Established in the year 1994.

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  Food Processing Machinery, Gherkin Processing Machinery, Frozen Food Machinery, Food Processing Conveyors, Fabrication

Bulk Processing

We undertake complete bulk processing turnkey projects for gherkin processing machineries with 100 % solutions for cleaning, sorting, grading and packing.

1. Grading Machine : Used for grading gherkin, fruits & vegetables as per required Size wise from 8mm to 40mm depending upon the customer requirement. Suitable individual collection chutes, oil resistant, FDA, PU Ropes provided.

2. Vibratory Feeders / Screens : used for conveying, cleaning, & segregating of unwanted foreign material, distributing and draining products. Vibratory screens are fixed or removable bottom plates.

Gherkin Bulk Processing
Gherkin Bulk Processing

3. Soaking Washer With Elevator : Used as preliminary washer to remove sand, mud, flowers from gherkin, fruit & vegetable and conveying to the next processing machine.

4. Brush Washing Machine : Used for washing gherkin, vegetable, fruits for piece products. Equipped with vertical rotating brushes and discharge belt, Insurable side brush panels on inside walls, control panel provided for reverse/ forward rotation of fruits to ensure efficient washing. Water jet sprayers provided for efficient cleaning.

5. Culling /Inspection Belt : To remove rejected, bad, unwanted, non graded fruits online. Special Design with featured wide range of conveyors available as per customer requirement.

Dimensions and technical design depending on product and output capacity. MOC - AISI 304 or 316.

Gherkin Vegetable & Fruit Processing Plant
Gherkin-Vegetable-Fruit Processing Plant
 Gherkin Process Machinery

Gherkin Grading Machine
Gherkin Grading Machine

Gherkin Brush Washing
Gherkin Brush Washing
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