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Sujay Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of food processing machinery, material handling equipments, gherkin processing machinery, fruits and vegetable processing machinery, stainless steel and aluminum & design fabrication. Established in the year 1994.

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Food Processing Machinery

We Sujay industries, a leading manufacturer & exporters of food processing machinery, fruit processing machinery, vegetable processing machinery and gherkin processing machinery.

We undertake machinery & turnkey projects for food processing plants. These plants are used for processing fruits, vegetables like gherkin (baby cucumber), tomato, baby corn, potato, onion etc.

Sujay industries offer 100 % solutions for cleaning, sorting, grading, filling, and pasteurizing and up to packing for vegetable, Fruit & food products.

gherkin processing machinery, fruit processing industry
Grading Machine

Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machineries :

1. Vibratory Feeders / Screens : This machine is used for conveying, cleaning, & segregating of unwanted foreign material, distributing and draining products. Vibratory screens are fixed or removable bottom plates.

2. Inspection or Sorting Conveyor : These machines are used for conveying, segregating & removal of unwanted. Material and non graded products. These conveyors are specially designed in such a way that rejection are collected separately & easily removed.

fruit processing industry, vegetable processing industry
Grading Machine

3. Grading Machine : These machines are used for grading gherkin, fruits & vegetables as per required size wise from 8mm to 40mm depending upon the customer requirement.

4. Fruit & vegetable Washing Machine : Sujay industries offers wide range of washing machines like brush washer, rotary drum washer, continues roller brush, jar washer / rinse etc.

A. Brush Washer Type : These are used for washing gherkin, vegetable, fruits for piece products. Equipped with vertical rotating brushes and discharge belt Insert able side brush panels on inside walls water jet sprayers provided for efficient cleaning.

B. Rotary drum washer : Drum washer for gherkin, vegetables and fruits for piece products .The drum is fully lined with brushes. Inside water jet sprayers provided for efficient cleaning.

C. Continues Roller brush : Used for cleaning tomato, apple, orange etc round products. Product moves on series of roller brushes. Water jet spray nozzles provided.

5. High Speed linear filling Machine : High speed filling machines are used for efficient filling of glass jars & cans with piece products such as gherkin, olives, pickling onion carrots, beetroot and similar whole. Efficient filling with careful product handling.

6. Pasteurizers :

A. Tunnel Pasteurizers For pasteurizing products filled in glass jar, cans or soft packs. Energy transmission by continuous water spray, indirect heating with saturated steam or hot water by means of internal or external heat exchangers.

B. Retort type - batch processing : For pasteurizing products filled in glass jar, cans on batch production.

7. Blancher : Suitable for blanching of vegetables such as gherkin, peas, mushroom, okra, cauliflower etc. Complete stainless steel construction with specially designed perforated screw type rotary drum, belt type blancher and screw type blancher

8. Rotary Tables / Turn tables / Linear feeders : These are used for feeding and distributing containers and as bottles. Turn tables are after used for reversing at corner stations.

9. Blenders : Used for blending the mixtures of fruits or vegetables, pickles, spices etc. Available in various specifications, blenders includes - ribbon screw blender, ribbon screw blender with heating arrangement.

10. Agitators & Mixers storage vessels : These are used for mixing and preparation of preservatives, juice preparation, vinegar, salt solutions etc. Agitator specially made out of PP material with inbuilt agitation system provides easy operation at lower cost.

11. Steam Jacketed Kettles : Steam jacketed kettles is effective in various food processing applications. These machines are used to heat pulp, juice of fruits and vegetables to a desired temperature. Available in fixed and rotary type.

12. Air cleaning and drying machine : For removing all kinds of foreign particles from glass, cans, plastic containers preferably jar neck drying and outside area of jars & cans.

 Gherkin Process Machinery

food processing machinery, gherkin processing machinery, coffee extracting plant
Fruit & Vegetable Washing

coffee extracting plant, food processing machinery suppliers
Coffee Extracting Plant

HLF With Sorting Belt
HLF With Sorting Belt

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